there’s only 2 things that smell like fish…

While Diamond went away with the boys drinking & partying fishing

Miss 6 & Miss 4 made a list of things they wanted to do

For our ‘Girl’s Weekend’


I love the girls at this age

They’re so easy to manipulate

I know, that sounds mean

But when they presented me with this super long list of things to do

I made the executive decision, that at least half of the things they had written down

Were going to suck


First on their list was the zoo

I’m kind of over the zoo

Does that make me a bad Mum?

Lions and tigers and bears

Oh my fucking God!

It get’s O-L-D

So I told them that all the animals had bad allergies

And couldn’t come out of their cages

And the zoo was closed for the day

Lie, lie, lie

Whatever, I was going to tell them the animals were dead and they were waiting on new ones it worked

Next on their list was the Children’s Museum

Man, c’mon already

I know, it IS pretty cool there

But we did it like, 5 times last year alone

So I told the girls that it was half price there that day

Which meant it would be twice as crowded

And they’d have to line up for things ALL day

And they’d totally run out of food

And it worked

I convinced them to swap the Children’s Museum for an adult museum

Because they are BIG girls now

And I would tell the lady selling the tickets that they PROMISED to be good

So she would make an exception for them

It meant I finally got to go to the Museum of Science & Industry

And it was better than the fucking Children’s Museum awesome

Except for all the bloody kids there

Where the fuck do they all come from?


It was a great day out for this big kid

The girls loved the shit out of it too

So much interesting, hands on stuff to do

We had a ball

I’m sure it was educational too

But we were too busy playing to notice

We even got to check out a real German Submarine

(that’s another blog for those that give a shit my Nanna & Pop)


Because the museum didn’t open until 11am

And Miss 6 & Miss 4 are on crack fired up and ready to go before 6am

I took them to the Sears tower first

If you’re ever in Chicago

And feel a need to overcome your fear of heights

You should totally check out Sears Tower

And yeah, I know they’ve renamed it


But it will always be SEARS TOWER to me

I was quite pleased with myself for buying the tickets online first

So we didn’t have to line up when we got there

It was nice to not be Disorganised Debbie for a change


I needn’t have worried

There was NO ONE there at all


‘Cause it was cloudy as a mother fucker

And there was ZERO visibility

So, apparently the ORGANISED people check the weather first


But we had the tickets

So I told the girls we might as well go for a 103 floor elevator ride anyway cause Mummy’s a fucktard

And just check out the white clouds when we got to the top

Which we did

And Miss 6 decided to put her camera to good use

By photographing stuff in the gift shop

WTF right?

Then Miss 4’s all jealous because she doesn’t have a camera

I tell her that’s because she’s FOUR and breaks every-fucking-thing

And can’t use one properly

I relented and let her take a pic with mine

Not bad

But then this one

Point proven


But after about 20 minutes of being up there

The clouds started to clear up

YAY for us!

What an amazing view

I almost puked

We had a great couple of girls only days

I feel very lucky that I’m able to spend this kind of time with them

No one makes me laugher harder, I swear


Diamond had a great time away too

Not sure if he caught anything

He didn’t bring home any of his bounty

But he WAS smiling from ear to ear

And he DID smell like fish…


  1. OMG! I got vertigo just looking at the pics! I’m with fy,m…NO WAY!!! I’d have the best view on my way down after the floor cracked and gave way…Not my idea of a good time there but the rest of the day sounds great! Nice pics…yes…even Miss 4! 🙂

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