Miss 6 brought home her class ‘love’ book

Where all the kids write & then draw a picture of what they LOVE

I saw her drawing and was all, aaaawwww, she loves her FAMILY

So cute

See there we all are

Diamond, Miss 4, Me & the Fluffster

Well, apparently fucking NOT

I had it all wrong

It’s Diamond, Miss 4, Miss 6 & the Fluffinator

So where the fuck am I??

Miss 6 tells me her picture was too big

So she asked her teacher if she could do another one and make it all fit better

Nope said the mole

So she just wait til I see her next time cropped it off

But was nice enough to leave my feet in the drawing

My fucking size 8 and a half hooves!

That was it

Yep, there’s her Daddy, her sister, her, her dog and her MOTHER’S FEET!

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

I’m all like DUDE, I may be out of the country

But out of the whole PICTURE?

Harsh Mrs Teacher, harsh

It’s game-on  time now sister

You just wait ’til it’s time for the end of year ‘what will we get for the teacher as a big thank you?’ day


I sure hope you enjoy your bikini wax voucher lady

And I’ll make sure it comes with a complimentary COLON CLEANSE

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  1. At least you know you were there! 🙂 When my kids were also 4 & 6, my 6 year old would draw me with a big ear…one BIG ear. After a few of these drawings, I said, “Why does Mummy have such a BIG ear”? He said, “That’s NOT an ear! THAT is a PHONE”. I knew I had to start limiting my business calls after school hours.

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