stir crazy

Got some more snow today

And while I’m loving it

To look at, that is

The kids are starting to go a little crazy

Cause like, they were SOOO normal to start with

I thought that kids were supposed to LOVE the snow

That they LIVED to be outside, playing in it

Yeah, well my kids didn’t get that memo

It’s too cold

I don’t WANNNA play in it

And I’m like, well don’t then but I’ll have to start drinking earlier and that means you’ll have to get your own dinner

But then the inevitable happens

I’m bored

There’s nothing to do

They don’t want to watch a movie

We did sewing last week

They’ve made Valentine’s Cards


Played Twister

So I’m like, fuck this ok then

Give me 10 minutes

And I went to iTunes

And downloaded a bunch of new kids applications

And put them on Diamond and my cellphones

And now they’re off playing with them

Happy as Larry

So while Mother Nature is putting on a beautiful display outside our door

My kids couldn’t give a shit only care about modern technology indoors

Kinda sad really

And the fact that I’m sitting here typing away on my laptop, and not outside either,

Is irrelevant

Can if I want

I’m the MUM

The grownup even

Fuck off, I AM TOO!!




For those who give a rats who’re interested – the best apps so far, have been:





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