on the hunt

I probably should have warned you before the last blog

If you’re not a fan of Christmas

Or if the whole holiday season does your head in

You might want to stay away from this blog until January

Because anyone that knows me, knows I’m a huge fan of the oprah winfrey show CHRISTMAS

And all the stuff that goes with it

Carols, decorating, shopping, wrapping presents, drinking egg nog

All of it

I just love the shit out of it

Always have

So having kids just elevates my love for Christmas about 400 bazillion percent

We spend all of December doing all out Christmassy stuff

We’ve got the tree

So yesterday it was time to go and visit the ‘Big Fella’

Yep, old Saint Nick

I have to limit Miss 6’s exposure to just how many Santas she sees these days

She’s starting to notice that some of them have different beards

Or different musty smells voices

I’ve managed to bullshit talk my way out of it so far

So, just one Santa sighting is the way to go now I reckon

The mall close to our house is always a great place to see him

It’s 5 minutes away

And ummm…. well, it’s 5 minutes away!

The girls tear out of the car when we get there

And don’t stop running ’til they find him

They got to his little woderland and were bouncing with excitement while they were waiting in line

And finally they got to him and were able to tell him what they wanted for Christmas

Miss 6 said she didn’t know yet

She couldn’t decide between a brain scanner or a high powered microscope


But Miss 4 was a surprise

She’s been talking about wanting Pet Shop dolls, a Baby Alive, a hamster,Β and there was even talk of new parents aΒ spiderman costume for a while there

Then when she finally get’s her chance to ask Santa

She comes out with, ‘a new coat’

Well that’s a nice easy one, Santa says

What colour would you like?

A red one, she said

Well I’ll see what I can do for you little lady

And she gets off his lap and says, you don’t even have to buy a new one OR get Mrs Claus to make it

Why’s that?, he asked

Geez you’re a dummy Santa, don’t you know?

I want YOUR coat dude

And he looks at her and me like he thinks we’re ‘different’

I’m used to ‘that’ look, but I don’t think Mss 4 is yet


She says, what are you looking at?


Don’t you know my address?


  1. Gawd!!!!!!!!!!! Can you really sit on Santa’s knee these days!!!!!!!! HOW shite is that ‘eh!! That’s why I don’t do unbearded men!!!!……I swear it!! x

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