rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly into the 12th week of this tour

Well, it’s easy for me to believe

‘Cause this is only going to be my 8th week

That’s because I’m a lazy cow I started the tour one week onto it

Then had a few weeks off

Was good to catch up with some old friends tonight in Dudley

L-R Neil, Tom, the hot, sexy chick me & Martin

Met Martin & Neil years ago

Back when I sang the boring stuff ‘straight’ music

Martin has 3 eighteen year old daughters

That’s right, triplets!

Can you spell ‘OH FUCK?’

He brought one of the girls with him tonight

Jodie, who was a complete sweetheart

She must take after her mother not her dad for sure

I saw a photo of her with her 2 sisters

And take my word for it

They’re 3 total stunners

Kinda like how it would be if I had 2 sisters, you know?

Except I’m sure I’d still be the cutest with the biggest boobs

Then I met Katie

Who came to see us tonight all the way from North Carolina

Although I’m pretty sure she’s in the UK to see her English boyfriend Martin

Apparently he’s a better kisser



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