best disguise

I reckon when these 2 guys were getting ready to rob a house

They went through the burglar’s checklist

  1. flashlight
  2. crow bar
  3. black clothing
  4. bag for all the loot
  5. balaclava

And had no clue what number 5 was, but were pretty sure it was some kind of Italian desert

Then they realised that the list didn’t say anything about a mask, or something to hide their faces

So they improvised

With a black marker

And here I was thinking that we’d end the week without a winner


One comment

  1. My little brother (when 2years old) did a better job on my sleeping sister’s face with a green permanent marker when we were young teens. Luckily, she was restrained and didn’t end up in jail…for toddler-slaughter.

    STEREO BF Dumbshits!

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