frequent flyers

Miss 3 & Miss 5 have done the trip to Australia quite a few times

But as they get older it gets less stressful way more fun

They can carry their own little bags on the plane now

Until they get knackered and I’m back to being the pack horse

We booked a car to take us to the airport because my husband has run away from home gone fishing

We couldn’t have got a longer car if we tried

It was sooo tacky

I love tacky!

The first hour of the first (of three) flights was good

And the girls found heaps of stuff to do

Then it got a bit harder

Tiredness set in and the grumpy monster showed up

And that was just me

But five minutes later all was good

And Miss 5 continued to be awesome and amuse herself playing shadow puppets 

Until the sun set and she started playing eye-spy

For the next 3 hours!

Which is OK because she can spell now

And we’ve advanced to multi-letter eye-spy now 

Miss 5: Eye-spy with my little eye, something beginning with B.S.I.F

Me: WTF???

Miss: Blue Seat In Front – Duh Mummy!

Silly me!!

Then Miss 3 wakes up

Miss 3: Eye-spy with my little eye some beginning with H

It must be pointed out that Miss 3 can neither spell or play eye-spy properly 

And the last time we played on the trip from hell to Ohio everything she said started with ‘H’

Haffic Lights, Hop Signs, Hars – you get the point

Me: Something beginning with H? I give up – what is it?


Miss 3: My stinky fart that smells like poop!


Only 17 more hours, 2 flights, 3 airports and one train ride to go

No doubt there’ll be a BIG FAT BLOG once we get to Sydney

After I hand them off to Nanna & Poppy and head to the bar of course!


** and I know it’s technically ‘I’ SPY – but I’m a fan of being a pain in the arse calling it EYE-SPY

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