excess baggage

I read this story this morning:


United Airlines’ so-called “friendly skies” could become a lot less hospitable for overweight air travelers.

Chicago-based United on Wednesday instituted a new policy that could present some unwelcome and costly options to plus-size passengers.

United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said the carrier received nearly 700 complaints about overweight passengers from among the 63 million passengers who flew United last year.

The new guidelines define an overweight passenger as anyone who can’t fit in a single seat in his or her ticketed cabin or can’t properly buckle the seat belt, or anyone who can’t put the armrest fully down when seated.

Under the new policy, Urbanski said the airline’s first course of action would be to find a pair of adjoining empty seats in the same cabin, where the overweight passenger could sit free of charge.

If none are available, the overweight passenger would then have to purchase a second seat at the price of the original seat or pay the cost of upgrading. If a second seat or upgrading isn’t possible, the passenger would be required to rebook on the next available flight where United guidelines could be met. The passenger could, however, get a full refund if he or she cancels the trip.


Personally I think it’s a great idea

I’ve always had to pay extra if my bags are overweight

So why not for my bum too?

I love the idea


I better start laying of the chocolate though

Or I’m not going to be able to afford to get home

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