gonadectomy anyone??

It took me a while 

It actually took me nearly  month – but I finally talked my husband into letting me get Fluffy neutered! 

I know – he looks so cute – but it’s gotta be done

I prefer the term gonadectomy.

Just saying it gives me pleasure. Gonad snip anyone?? Gonadectomeeeeeeeee!

Loves it!

While this may not seem to be a big deal to you – this is a big accomplishment in my book

This is from a man who vows to NEVER get the snip himself. Reason?

He’s a pussy 

He says,

“It changes a man…”


“Oh really? I’ve given birth to 2 kids, have you seen me naked? I’ll show you some fucking CHANGES!!”

I actually tried to do a deal with the vet when I dropped Fluffy off this morning;

“If I can get my husband to come with me when I come back to pick Fluffy up, would you give me a discount on the second procedure –  You know, like a two for one kinda deal?”

“Sorry, but we only deal with animals”

“Good. I’ll bring him in then”


I’m so glad he doesn’t read this blog!



  1. He’s right…IT does change a man! He’ll get twice as much when the only consequence of his ACTION will be pleasure! TRUST ME!

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