careful what you wish for…

So for Christmas I wanted great sex & a new jumper (aussie for sweater)

Got them – but they were both too small

So here I am with number 3 on my wish list – my VERY OWN BLOG!!

Careful what you wish for I say. Now that I have it – I’m a little unsure what to put in it.

Keeping in mind that my neighbours and kids teachers read it….mmmm…  – does that mean I have to be boring as batshit good?

Can I say fuck swear?

I figure it’s all fair game. I think my name alone suggests that if you’re here – your sense of humour is in tact.

Looking forward to getting into this bloggity blog on a regular basis – with lots and lots of nothing in particular, jibber and colourful pictures – yay!

And our first topic for discussion will be ……..

Your turn!


  1. Great job (for a blonde!). We’re looking forward to hearing all about NZ and GB later in the year. By the way, I Emailed your husband Brad. He said that you are fucking amazing, but he wants you to have a heap more kids, two at a time if possible! Cheers, Kat xx

  2. This might have been a better STARTING POINT…THE BEGINNING! (Yes I’ve gone backwards…you know…) BLOG ON BLOGTART!

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