Things in Hidden Spaces


Blame it all on the booze

And your shitty mood

For helping me to see the light

We were the last ones to show

And the first ones to go

Cause you got drunk

And we had a fight

And no I didn’t mean

To cause a big scene

When I threw my glass of champagne

Right in you face

Said. “Hey get outta my space!”

Hope I never see you again

‘Cause I’ve got things in hidden spaces

And you’ll never find my hiding places

For my special toys

That bring me joy

‘Cause I’m not big on porno movies

And the other things you like to do

Cause I’ve got things in hidden spaces

Well I guess I was right

When I left you that night

‘Cause I haven’t stopped smiling since then

Got my bag of tricks

Full of dildos and dicks

Who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

‘Cause piled under my bed

And stacked back in the shed

I’ve got gadgets that’d make you blush

They get me so high

Bring a tear your eye

Ain’t no man I know – can match that rush


So I’ll be OK

Now you’ve gone away

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