hit pic, september 28, twenty twelve

Macaoni got a last minute phone call to go on a playdate with a new friend from school
While she was so excited she couldn’t sit still in the car when I was dropping her off
Magoo couldn’t stop her little lip from trembling
“…Friday night is movie night, and now I don’t even have a sister to play with.
My heart hurts Mummy”
So, in an effort to cheer her up, I told her WE would hang out and do ANYTHING at all she wanted to do, knowing full well that she’d probably ask for dinner at Hooters followed by a farting competition
But…she didn’t pick that.
She picked dinner in a fancy restaurant, (also known as her playroom)
With her one of her favourite dishes, bubble ‘n squeak meatloaf (it tasted WAY better than it looked)
She picked the soundtrack of One Direction and Bonnie Raitt
She told me all her new knock knock jokes

….Mummy, this is the best night ever. All my bestus things in one date together.
With my favouritest thing.

And at that heart melting moment….I knew then and there
That I was totally going to let her win the farting comp.

even with my eyes closed, the future looks pretty good from here

I’m not sure I had the imagination my kids have when I was their age
I know I used to ‘play’….but my girls create whole new worlds, and stories that I can never follow 

This morning’s game, was hotels.
Magoo gave me my room key (her library card) while Macaroni ran through the hotel’s amenities
A chocolate fountain, kids only pool, marshmallow pedicures and free hypnosis.



I went first. In my hotel room (the couch) eating room service (cheezits) watching the in room movie (Mulan)

I shut my eyes. Magoo swung Diamond’s watch in front of my face hitting me in the nose twice
“You are getting sle-e-e-epy”

“I am?”

“Mum, shut the hole where the words come out and concentrate.”

Back in my box then.

“OK, are you feeling sleepy Mama?”

“Oh totally….soooo sleepy”

“What do you see?”


“Yes. Once you are HYP-NOT-I-KIZED…you see things. Now tell me what you see”

“I just see the back of my eyelids”

At that point Macaroni decided that I wasn’t a good enough ‘candidmate’ to be hyp-not-i-kized

I took that as my cue to escape go and pretend I know how the treadmill works

The girls kept on with their hotel game and worked on hyp-not-i-kizing each other

My ears perked up when they got to the, “…what do you see?” part.

Magoo, with her eyes shut and trying not to giggle, said in her best gravelly old man’s voice,
“…I see trees of green…red roses too…”

Fuck, I laughed. That kid is seriously one of the funniest people on the planet

Then Macaroni said, “…ask me what I see…ask me!”

Magoo yelled, “What do you SEE??”

With her eyes shut, and the most serious face should could muster while doing her best falsetto,
“…I see a little silhouetto of a man…scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango?”
That makes Macaroni the OTHER funniest person on the planet….AND gives me renewed faith in this ‘Justin fucking Beiber’ generation.


hit pic, macaroni style

Macaroni just won an art competition (for the 2nd time) for her drawings

She’s pretty great at it

I love that she sees rewards for doing something she loves to do so much

She writes incredible stories and then adds cartoon illustrations to them

This is a new one she was working on when we Skyped today

A family portrait

How awesome is it?

And not just because she draws me skinny