hit pic, may 10

Magoo went MIA for about 10 minutes not long ago

10 minutes may not seem that long to you

But for anyone who knows Magoo

Or is a parent to a wild child LIKE Magoo

You know that 10 minutes is a long time

Like, totally enough time to get 2 blocks away

Or hitchhike to McDonalds

Or glue all my shoes together, in matching pairs

Or delete all the apps off my phone

Or download the entire Hannah Montanna collection from iTunes

Yeah, 10 minutes is an ETERNITY

I was ready to bust her doing something bad

Then I found her

And I just wanted to cuddle her

She’s had a big day already

Up at 5am because she’s trying to kill me

Park for 2 hours

Swimming for an hour

All before lunch

How cute is she?

Not to mention where she CHOSE to pass out

Not on a couch or in a bed

Yep, she’s asleep on the FLOOR at the foot of a BAR STOOL

*Cue lump in throat*

I couldn’t more proud if she had an empty bottle of Yellow Tail next to her


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