and we’re done…

I’m back from Nashville you guys!

And let me tell you…

The only thing better about being home makingofxmashits3

(apologies if your copy smells like BO)

That’s right you guys

The album IS DONE!

Dunzo..finito, fini, fertig!

And for my Portugese buds….ACABADO!!!

It’s been sent off to the manufacturers today and online digital sellers

And is going to be ready CRAZY SOON!
But can I just take a minute to tell you

For this kid from Kalgoorlie

Getting to travel to Nashville to record an album I’ve wanted to do for years

With some of the best players in the world – no seriously these guys ARE

Think of some of the biggest names in music right now – and that’s who this crew plays with

They probably want to keep their jobs, so we won’t advertise that they’ve moonlighted on the latest JENNY TALIA album…shhhhhh!

Such major talent playing on my songs, is cooler than cool to me

And makes the whole thing just that much more funny

Getting to do that, has been better than fan-fucking-tastic

But the bestest bit?

Is going to be when you all get to hear it

Especially when I get to do these new songs live
The whole experience has got me smiling even BIGGER than I normally do

And that’s saying something

I might need to check for lipstick on my ears…

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hit pic, april 24, twenty twelve

I’m not sure if my shit-eating grin is a big enough give-away for you. But in case you can’t tell, I’m a MASSIVE Vince Gill fan. Like, if his albums were actual albums, I’m pretty sure they’d be melted puddles of vinyl. I play his stuff A LOT. Yay for digital. I love pretty much all his stuff, as far as ballads go, there’s no country singer that does it better. Plus he’s a pretty freaky guitar picker. My fave songs of his would be this one, and this one

In short which I totally am when next to him, I love him

And his awesome taste in t-shirts