hit pic, april 24, twenty twelve

I’m not sure if my shit-eating grin is a big enough give-away for you. But in case you can’t tell, I’m a MASSIVE Vince Gill fan. Like, if his albums were actual albums, I’m pretty sure they’d be melted puddles of vinyl. I play his stuff A LOT. Yay for digital. I love pretty much all his stuff, as far as ballads go, there’s no country singer that does it better. Plus he’s a pretty freaky guitar picker. My fave songs of his would be this one, and this one

In short which I totally am when next to him, I love him

And his awesome taste in t-shirts


      1. Reminds me of when I dressed up as a ‘cowgirl’ for my brothers 21st fancy dress party! Shame I don’t have any pics to show you though!

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