new friends

I met Bush Babe

And her spunky husband Mr Incredible

They came to the show

It should be noted that Bush Babe and have gotten to know each other via our blogs

So, she’s never heard my music

Never seen me live

I was hoping it wouldn’t be too much for her

Not that she doesn’t have a sense of humour, BB is a funny lady

But I’m more than aware that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea

But Bush Babe & MR Incredible stuck it out ’til the end

And BBs STILL talking to me

We even got to meet for coffee the next day!

And she reckoned her cheeks were sore from laughing so hard at the show

So there you go!


She’s a top lady

She’s also really tall

And really pretty

But I’m going to be her friend anyway



(the good pics in this post are all BUSH BABE’S– ’cause she’s a way better photographer than the drunk guy I gave my camera too. Thanks for nothing arsehole the blurry pics dude)

Case in point:

Love your work wankwad x


  1. Love the sentence ” But I am going to be her friend anway ”
    Glad you meet some top people , even if one of them is crap at taking photos 🙂

    Keep up the top work Jenny , ya little legendette.


  2. How lovely that you had the chance to meet and share a laugh! She’s certainly living proof there’s a definite distinction between a BUSH BABE and a BUSH PIG! 😉

  3. Well, well, well!! So pleased you decided to be my friend despite all my shortcomings (no play on words there, I swear!).

    We had a ball, especially getting to ‘do coffee’ and chew some serious fat the next day.

    PS Curvy Jane, ya makin’ me blush!!

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