something to be proud of

As I type this, my parents are currently on holiday

On an island somewhere of the east coast of Australia

It’s pretty amazing

Why you ask?

Because, I can count on one hand the amount of times they’ve ever gone away together

On their own

For a holiday

When they’re not working, usually being at home is all the holiday they need

But this trip is kind of special

Actually, it’s not kind of special at all

It’s pretty incredible

See, today Mum & Dad are celebrating 40 years of being married

In this day and age, that’s pretty unbelievable, not to mention totally cool

40 years is a long, LONG time to be married I’m sweating just thinking about it

Admittedly, they did have a few years off for good behavior 20 years ago

But they worked on themselves, worked it out, and ended up where they needed to be

Which is with each other


They’ve shared an amazing ride together

From their humble beginnings in Kalgoorlie (think, outdoor toilet!)

To where they are now (think, one of the best views in the country)

My brother and I are so lucky

We know that

They have given us such a great example of how it should be

Especially the miracle of my brother being born just 6 months after their wedding virgin, my arse mum!


They’ve shown us how to make it work

And how to keep the love alive, so to speak

And I’m sure they’re probably ‘keeping the love alive’ right now on their holiday



So Dad & Mum


That’s something to be proud of x


  1. I love seeing other people’s wedding photos. Your dad looks like he’s about 15 and your mum looks like she had shares in the guipure lace company, but the pics are gorgeous and the achievement remarkable – not quite there ourselves, but then we’re not quite as old as them either!! Congratulations Kev and Betty, well done, enjoy the holiday and may you keep the love alive for many years to come. xx

  2. HAPPY 40th Kev & Betty! Hope you had a great 2nd Honeymoon to celebrate. You both look better than ever! CONGRATULATIONS!

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