batter up!

Mum’s softball team was in the finals this week

It was all a bit exciting

I was allowed to take wine, Dad brought his beer

That’s about the only way you’ll get us two near people exercising

We reckon it might be contagious

(So we protect ourselves by taking regular naps and trips to MacDonalds)

Mum’s team (the Legends) were playing against a much younger¬†pretty shithot team

The were very mean looking too so I kept giving their pitcher my scary face / middle finger combo when no one else was looking

Most of the women Mum plays with are over sixty

So I started giving her the whole, “well you made it this far / you should be proud of yourself blah, blah…” speech

Gave her a sip of my wine

And sent her on her way

I lost my voice cheering and screaming. I don’t know everyone’s name, so I just kept yelling “GO NANNA!” whenever someone from Mum’s team did something awesome

Turns out she didn’t need my pep talk

They won!

I have the hangover to prove it

Grandfinal’s tomorrow

Dad & I are certainly getting some wear out of our matching ‘lucky drunk cheerleader’ outfits this week.


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