Amy Winehouse was a major talent

And yeah, she was a dug addict

For the last few years we only got to see her perform half wasted and stumbling around stages across the globe

There’s so many people out there that only know the tragic side of her

But this, is who deep down, she really was

And it’s so sad that this side of her got so very, very lost

Hopefully she will be eventually remembered just for her music


And her major fucking talent


  1. So sad to see such a young and gifted woman lost to tragic circumstance. The ’27 Club’ should never have been…RIP AMY – you will always be remembered for your contribution to making great music – firstmost – with me.

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous clip, Jen!

  2. Why is it that some of the most talented people can also be some of the most fragile….. always sad to see ANYONE pass away at such a young age, especially to the awful disease of …. addiction….

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