1. Congrats Kev. Thanks for 25 years of fun. One of the last true Aussie comideians. Stick that political correct shit up ya bum Keep up the great work and keep the shows coming. Thanks again

  2. Hey Kev. Thanks for the years of laughs. I can remember as a young bloke listening to you in my Grandfather’s car and seeing you in Renmark when I was 13. What an education you gave me! 🙂

    Keep up the great work and I’m with Huey, shove that political correct crap up the politicians!

    Thanks again mate. Look forward to your show when your in Newcastle again.

  3. Been a fan of yours since forever, when one of my sons confiscated (nicked) one of your tapes in 1985 (a pirate version) from some little kid… we started laughing then, and haven’t really stopped, looking forward to seeing you in Dorking, Portsmouth or in fact any ****ing place! Should be a venue in Guildford again soon, y …I met the head teacher in the loo and promised I wouldn’t tell anyone she was there if she kept it quiet too, 3 days later she was humming do ya f*** on first dates and we dissolved into laughter…my son does security at a few British venues where you play, and I still treasure among my collection of cd’s tapes and other memorabilia a poster you signed one time when I couldn’t make it to the show cos I was sick.

    25 years of sheer entertainment – Thank You and thanks for producing Jen too.. she cracks me up, see ya soon, Lisa x

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, Kev! Here’s to 25 Years of Fuck’nFun! You’ve Produced some fine pieces of work in that time…like Jen!

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