lesson learned

Day six of filming for the South African episode for RHYTHMS & ROOTS, took us to an incredible wildlife preserve just outside of Johannesburg, in the Cradle of Humankind

A truly amazing place, where all the animals roam free. It has everything, black panthers (there’s only 24 in the WHOLE COUNTRY), lions, leopards, wildebeest, jackals, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, hippos, warthogs (JUST like Pumba from the Lion King…OMG!!) It’s exactly what you imagine South Africa would be like. But better!

There’s an abundance of too cute for words, baby animals. The breeding program is wildly successful and there’s also a full time anti-poaching stuff that patrol the 1600 ha property, making sure all the little bubbas are always safe. Very cool.

Even cooler?
Getting to see these gorgeous babies up close
Feed them
AND hold them

Amazing, no?

Sure beats any zoo I’ve ever been to
There’s special ‘safe’ areas for humans to go to, where the fun stuff happens with the animals

To say was excited, would probably be the understatement of the year

I was actually skipping!

And possibly not paying attention to the signs
And holy shit

That’ll learn me.


PS – no Jennys animals were harmed too badly in the filming of this episode




No posts for the last couple of days

Been busy getting the album finished before I leave tomorrow

Which is actually today

Because it’s totally stupid o’clock right now and I should be sleeping

I’m an idiot

Shocker I know

Recorded the album with my brother Travis doing all the hard work

Finished doing all the vocals yesterday

And now it’s time for Trav to try and polish my turd work his magic

It was fun to be in the studio again

Lots of bright lights and buttons that I wasn’t allowed to touch

That Trav swears do really important things he knows how to use

And he has his serious face on

Like, “I’m all full of concentrat-i-ness right now little sister

Please put that juvinile whoopi cushion away you 3 year old!

Your fake farting noises are NOT helping me be the boss of the oh-so-technimalogical-button-pushing-I-know how-to-cause-I-fly-planes-n-shit-stuff – OK?


And I’m all like,

 “What whoopi cushion”