fridee night wiv the brummies

Birmingham, I love the place
And NOT just because every time I’ve been there we’ve had an amazing show
‘Cause if you didn’t already know, those Brummies are FUCKING LOUD.
And when they’re singing your songs back at you, it’s like a big wave of fuck yeah sweeping over you.

The other thing about Birmingham?
The shopping
Holy melting credit cards it’s amazeballs
But, in the interest of being responsible (meaning I have no room for any more boots and sparkly pants until I buy another suitcase) I decided on a smaller purchase
Well, Dad did really
He wanted a lens for my big girl camera that would fit the whole audience in, when I took the DILLIGAF CHOIR pics each night
We haven’t been able to squeeze everyone in enough, so a lot of the pics are missing the peeps on the sides of the venue
Enter NEW WIDE ANGLE lens….huzzah! 
I’d like to say it made a huge difference

But I really can’t tell

When Dad’s not wearing his glasses the photographer 😉

‘Cause obviously my skills are WAY better
Fuck off, they ARE.

Maybe just a little bit?