walking in memphis, with two left feet

OK, so Memphis…

Memphis was like wowsers. On steroids.

In three days, I got to sit in on a session at Sun Studio and record a song. I KNOW!
I got to hang out at Elvis Presley Enterprises and get a private tour through Graceland. Betty probably cried.
I got an ah-may-zink cooking lesson from Bobbie, at the best rib joint in town, Rendezvous
Then Me and Anthony, the ‘Duck Master’ at the world famous Peabody Hotel, walked the red carpet with the ducks (we kinda have the same waddle…yay?)
I witnessed my Dad dancing around in a bath towel. OH. MY. EYES.
So I grabbed a margarita and headed down Beale Street, camera crew in tow, to say hi to some locals and compare our best Elvis moves. Spoiler – I lose.

For those of you that don’t already know, in each episode of RHYTHMS & ROOTS, there’s a cooking and dancing segment, to accompany each genre of music we’re covering.
As most of you know, I’m a shitty cook, and I dance like a white girl with an itch. So guess which segments I’M covering for the series?

So far, the filming has been so much fun. Especially getting to try out all the different foods I’ve created. I was supervised, so it was all edible, worry not!
It’s all been incredible, if you don’t count the dancing lessons. Sweet Jesus, the dancing lessons.
Remember for the Scotland episode when I got totally schooled (and not in a good way) by a lady old enough to be my grandmother
Yeah, well that was nothing compared to the Memphis lesson. Where I struggled, trod on people’s toes, WORE A FUCKING DRESS AND got laughed at by a 10 year old.

Considering that this was the 10 year old laughing, I let it slide.

I was too bothered about my dress to give a fuck.