all requests…streaming live march 9th

Before I head off for the first shows of the year

I’m going to be doing STAGEIT show!

9th MARCH is the date

It’ll be like a little warm up gig before the tour

Except, EVERYONE gets to see this show!
This show will be streamed LIVE over the internets!
How cool is that?

I did a STAGEIT show a while back and it was huge buckets of fun
Although slightly weird to not hear any audience reaction
But in my mind, those watching the show were PISSING THEMSELVES LAUGHING

And this time, I’m leaving the setlist up to YOU!

Just email me the song (or songs) you’d most like to hear during the show and I’ll tally up the requests – and do the ones with the most votes
Sounds like a plan!

The show will stream LIVE from Perth on Monday 9th March at 6:30pm
It’s pretty much impossible to have a showtime that suits all time zones


So I went with a time that works with where I’ll be on that date (PERTH)
And hopefully it works for more than a few of guys too!


Email your song requests to

9th March, I’m excited!!
Let’s get this party started!!

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