CHRISTMASHITS album artwork

What started out as an arty-fatty attempt to slowly reveal the artwork for the new album

Turned into a ‘fuckit-I-don’t-have-the-patience-for-this’ can I just show it all already??

Mind you, I’m also someone that stands in front of the microwave telling it to hurry up

Waiting is something I really suck at

The idea was to have it turn out all cool and like, wow how’d you do that?

Reveal the artwork one square at a time – I know, how idea-sy am I?

But Instagram only likes squares and some of my squares were rectangles so bite me Instagram.


(yes the time on this screen shot says 6:02am. I wet the bed)

The album is in it’s FINAL stages of being ready


It will be available so soon, you can almost TASTE IT.

I’m pretty sure it tastes like sweat and Christmas pudding.

Especially if that Christmas pudding had a bottle of red wine in it.


I give you…..the album cover for the soon-to-be-released CHRISTMASHITS


As always, the fabulously talented Greg Taylor in Western Australia is the man behind the graphics.

I give him my ideas as stick-figure drawings

And he gives me back this

He’s either very talented or an avid LSD user

Either way, I’m so grateful to once again have his skills on this project – thanks GT!!

Watch this space, and I’ll let you guys know the SECOND the album is available!

I need you to have the words learnt good ‘n proper by the time Silly Season rolls around

This year’s family gatherings are shaping up to be EXTRA xrated SPECIAL!

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