all mapped out

The first two shows of the tour are in the bag
And after eleventy-hundred naps….I’m back on deck

I flew from Chicago to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to Perth
Handed the kids to Mum & Dad
Then hopped on a flight to Sydney
Had GPS, iPhone maps meltdown
Took 50 minutes to find the hotel that was only 12 minutes from the airport
Spent $40 on an old fashioned map BOOK at a seven-eleven (who knew they even still made those things?)
Got to hotel, showered
Drove 90 minutes to a gig that was only 20 minutes from hotel (those old-fashioned map books don’t talk to you like a GPS while you’re driving. Refund)

Got to gig at 7:50pm, show started at 8pm
Said a quick G’day to the sound guy I was working with for the first time
Chucked my sparkly pants on
Tried to rig a piece of rope to be a guitar strap (left mine at hotel)
Called my muso mate Rose (who was coming to the show) to get her to bring me a guitar strap
She did, thankyoubabyjesus! thank you Rose!

Walked on stage at 8:05pm completely dazed and confused
And proceeded to have one of the best shows ever
No really.
The St Mary’s crowd were exactly what I needed
And then again on Saturday night in Davistown (standing ovation…WHAT?)

I’m not sure when I’ll be back in NSW again
But if they keep treating me like that
It’s going to be hard to keep me away
Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it




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  1. would love to see u again I seen u in st marys and omg im hooked I was trying to get all your dad’s cds again and now to get all yours to had a ball best night

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