A Life That’s Good

Ask my kids what my favourite song is right now, and they wouldn’t have to think about it
It’s the one that I walk around singing every day
Needless to say, everyone that lives here is ready to punch me in the throat I’m the only one in this house that still likes it

The song is called A Life That’s Good
It’s written by Ashley Monroe and Sarah Siskind, two seriously freaky good songwriters
And while you’re all probably well aware I’m the opposite of religious, the lyrics in this song just get me, despite their ‘Lord’ and ‘heaven’ references

The chorus:
Two arms around me
Heaven to ground me
And a family that always calls me home
Four wheel to get there
Enough love to share
And a sweet, sweet, sweet song
At the end of the day
Lord I pray
I have a life that’s good

Because without getting all gooey and deep
That’s really all it’s about
A life that is good
Nice house, car, great job?
All those things can be good and add to your life
But you don’t need them
At the end, none of that will matter

My Nanna is a shining example of that  IMG_3216-450x337

By the time she moved into the nursing home
She had nothing more than some clothes and her favourite pieces of costume jewelry
IMG_4509 2
But she was happy
After a life of raising four kids and looking after her husband
It was time for someone to look after her
And she loved it

She had a constant stream of visitors, nearly every day of the week for all the years she lived there

And when she took her last breath 2 days ago
She was surrounded by love, and those who cherished her
photo-17 2
And from the other side of the world, my heart is aching

She wasn’t famous
She wasn’t rich
She would have been the first to tell you that she was nobody special

IMG_4301 2
She was a Mum, a sister, a Nanna and a Great Nanna – my girls called her Granna

It’s all about how you lived and how you’re loved
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.25.43 PM 2
In 95 years, she did it better than anyone

There’s a special kind of love us grandkids have for our Nanna’s and Pops.

I think Magoo put it best,
“… I loved my Granna and she loved me and special love like that goes on forever and ever”
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.25.26 PM 2

♥ Jean Marie Pascoe ♥ A life that’s good ♥


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  1. Jenny, I feel your pain in your loss.
    Your nan sounds like she had a terrific forfilling life, with a lot of cheekiness in it!
    She will always be with you in your heart, just where we carry all our special people!
    Your words show just how special she was to you, big hugs for you. xxx

  2. HUGE HUGS from Granite Glen… grandparents are so important to treasure. She knew how loved she was, regardless of how far away one granddaughter was. <3

  3. So sorry for your loss, u have a awesome way with words Jen ……she would have been so proud. She will live on in your memories & your hearts forever RIP Jenny’s Nan Jean. Hugs & kisses

  4. Nana’s are always the hardest to lose …so much Knowledge and laughter ..but there is no time long enough to tell you it all….I loved my Nana too …so so much .
    Thoughts are with you and your family at this time…x

  5. Beautifully done Jenny… Your photo’s and words tell a thousand stories. Bless you all. Nanna / Granna would be so proud of this!
    Sending Love and loving thoughts your way. xxxx

  6. Sorry to hear of your loss, I truly know how you are feeling as I lost my mum suddenly 6 weeks at the age of 65

  7. Nanna rocked – and I’m sure she will keep on rocking in the beautiful place she is now. Your updates and pics from your visits with Nanna will be missed too. xoxo

  8. So sorry to lose your nanna 🙁 all the photos and times you shared with us about her makes us feel connected and that she was an amazing and funny lady.. such a beautiful tribute xx

  9. Jenny I am so so very sorry for your loss. I can’t even count how many lovely posts you have proudly written for your Nanna. Your love for her and special bond with her are some wonderful memories to hold dear. Thinking of you and your family today and sending love from down under to you all.

  10. Lovely to celebrate a life well lived. I think if I get to see my kids grow up. And their kids .. And theirs then I’ll be a very lucky lady. So sorry to hear that she has left this world but she will live on forever in your hearts and memories xxxxx

  11. Well said Magoo.
    One of my favourite quotes Jen is from Morrie Scwartz. He said: death ends life; NOT the relationship…
    I send you hugs and love.

  12. *big hugs*

    Sorry for the loss to your family of a beautiful and loving nanna.

    Heaven now has another angel.

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