my fave funnies

In the sub-zero very-much-indoor-weather we’ve been having in Chicago, I’ve been spending WAY too much time online finding so many internet giggles

And I am nothing if not a sharer
Except with Ranch Rice Cakes
Never those

This video had me hysterical
And not just because it’s brilliantly done
But for the comments all over the interwebs
So many saying, “See I told you they couldn’t sing”
Or, “That’s what you get without auto tune”
Some of the laptop genius’ not comprehending that this is overdubbed and A JOKE
SamRick Shred – 1
Internet Genius’ – 0

Which brings me to this
That I want as a sticker
Or maybe a law
Or whatever it takes to make it a real thing

This, this is everything
I’ve posted it more than once on Facebook
And it never not makes me laugh
Also, you KNOW there’s poo in that water now

And if you’re on Facebook
You’d have seen me share Dad’s posts
Politically correct and family friendly they are not
Because d’uh….he’s my Dad
You should totally follow him on Facebook HERE
He’s a funny bastard with only 190,000 Facebook fans
I know, it must suck to be so unpopular
So, help a guy out and give him a lick like
Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 1.45.51 PM

This loony lady is what I look like eating lemon meringue pie
Which is why I would never film myself eating it
She’s like a lipstick-wearing-tourette-choking-fruit-taste-tester

Did someone say tourettes?
PS – I want him to sing at my next birthday party
He’s my spirit animal

Lastly, this bad boy
That nearly blew up my Facebook page
It had been emailed and text to me by my fruit loop (wouldn’t have them any other way) friends
It got nearly 5,000 comments and over 2.5 million views
Whoever came up with it is my new favourite funny fucker
And we need to meet and be besties and share wine1560457_10152213848422495_722729934_n
But not Ranch Rice Cakes



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