throwback thursday #6

This photo never NOT makes me smile901108_10151821653597495_141453054_o
It’s from 2008, when I went to East Timor with a fabulous group ofΒ fellow nut jobsΒ entertainers, to perform for the Australian and New Zealand Troops based there at the time
It was going to be my ‘THROWBACK THURSDAY’ this week
271_24987482494_9329_nBut finding it, got me to all the other great pics from that incredible time271_24987427494_5580_n
So I thought, why limit my THROWBACK THURSDAY to just the one pic this week?271_24978337494_2574_n

I actually have nearly 1,200 pics from that weeklong trip310_24833527494_9319_n

And I whittled it down to sevenOperation ASTUTE - ISF JTF631



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