feeling merry….GIVEAWAY!

I’m home
I’m happy
I’m in the spirit of the season
I’m without use of my arms on account of a 3 hour Christmas wrapping session yesterday
I’m not even done
I’m typing this with my tongue

I’m in the mood for some Christmas Cheer!
Only because it’s 6:30am here, and apparently too early for eggnog

I’m giving away a signed copy of my live DVD, WHO DARES GRINS, and a copy of my latest album F.O.C.U.S.


Just leave a comment here, telling me you favourite thing about Christmas, and I’ll pick a random winner on Christmas Eve.
Make that THREE random winners.
Yep, three.

Get to commenting….!!!

UPDATE: congrats to Anne Steeele, Richard Barnett & Catherin Kennedy!!
Your cds and dvds are on their way!!


  1. What I love about is listening to the carols while putting up decorations with the my children. I love watching & listening to their reactions to all their presents. Also spending time with all my family, I’m very lucky to have such a loving & close family

  2. Best thing is getting my boys to leave a Woodstock Bourbon out for Santa on Christmas Eve which gives Santa a chance to crack a Woody with Mrs Clause just before the Trojans get out of bed on Christmas day…

  3. Christmas cocktail. Gets me every time.Combine large quantity of cheesy Christmas carols sung by random unknowns with equally large quantities of alcoholic anything, topped off with flashing fairy lights of every hideous colour known to man. Guaranteed to have you hugging the neighbour’s pit bull in a frenzy of goodwill. No matter that you will attempt to strangle him with tinsel at 4am when he starts yapping, tonight you love each and every creature on the planet. Merry Christmas. xxx

  4. i love christmas cos i get to see the whole family in one place all together watching the young ones open there chrissy presents i can FOCUS on watching a new dvd like WHO DARES WINS and some will be reading the book FIFTY SHADES OF GREY i might even get a carton of beer and get drunk trying not to FUCK IT UP ON FRIDAY lol all good loved your show i saw you with kev merry christmas .big pete .

  5. I’m the fukn grinch this year! Spent too much money, I too have aching arms from wrapping pressies Haha, just kidding! I love Christmas! Who doesn’t love an excuse to sit around a table of food all day and get fat with ya favourite people! I love watching the kids play in the really expensive boxes!! and I love that family feeling…. it’s nice after a shit of a year that we can all come together and be civilized for a day

  6. Love Christmas BBQ with the men in eightball room listening to Kevin Bloody Wilson while kids screaming round the back yard while I sink back a beer.

  7. Seeing the look on the kids faces when there opening there presents going on about how fucking great Santa is the Fat lazy bastard , I spend hours searching for the toys they want and he gets all the FUCKING credit. If you want to be Saint Nick then lift your fucking game you red fat fuck

  8. Miss (just turned) 4 waking up at 12.30am, 3.30am and finally 5.30am to “see if Santa has been yet?” Then the genuine excitement she has when she sees her pressies under the tree!

  9. My favorite thing about Christmas is playing Kevs Christmas Album ! We all sit around as a family and sing along. And its the only day of the year my son and daughter get along nicely.

  10. The best part about Christmas is relaxing with family & friend’s, sharing a beautiful feast with all the trimming’s. & watching the face’s of all my grand-children open their gift’s. Then just sitting back & remembering all our loved ones in heaven who are with us in spirit. This year will also mark a special time for all our soldier’s who have come home.

  11. I love being able to stop routine for a day and just spend time with family enjoying each other and reeling thankful that we are all there together.

  12. My favourite Christmas memory was when my kids were old enough to listen to the Santa song…I had waited years,we sang it as a family and kids giggled for hours,”wheel him round the other side Nanna” ahahahahaha

  13. Christmas is nice times with family and friends……but…….make my Christmas my announcing tours date in the UK please!!!!!
    Marry Christmas Jenny xxx

  14. Christmas is usually the only time of year I get to fly home and see all of my family. It’s usually the one time of year the entire family gets together because we all live away or work away. My parents and aunties and uncles take turns at hosting Christmas each year so it’s always a little different but always fun every year. Unfortunately this is the first year I won’t be making it back because I’m working, so your DVD and CD might be just what I need on Christmas Day!!!!

  15. Best part about xmas is camping!! Just me and me kids, no xmas bullshit of rushing from house to house … just beach, fishing rod and tinny or 15!!!!

  16. I love spending te day with my crazy family. Having lots of laughs and drinks. Playing spotlight tiggy (after kids are in bed) and watching my kids faces light up when they see Santa has been

  17. The best thing about Christmas for me is seeing the expressions of delight on my 11 grand children”s faces as they open thier presents. I”ve always believed Christmas is for the children of the world (after all Jeasus was a baby lol ) and New Year for the adults!

  18. I love spending the time with family. My family, 4 generations, all get together on Christmas Day and its lovely to catch up and take it easy, eating and drinking!!

  19. I love that my daughter is now old enough to finally have a laugh with me at the best xmas song ever written “santa claus you c@#*, wheres me f@! $#$ bike” hahaha, merry xmas jenny

  20. I recently had a cancer scare this month, this really put things into prospective and from here Xmas is about being around those you love to have in your life and the ones that make you feel special.

  21. The thing i love most about christmas is the suspense of waiting to open the pressies and looks of forfillment on my kids faces after a huge feast, and the joy of singing traditional chrissy songs (including hey santa clause ya c**t ) yes jen my kids are corrupted cos of your old man lol

  22. Seeing my boys faces Christmas morning is the best thing ever, it won’t be long till they grow into adults but the memories will always be there, so will the photos.

  23. Best thing w Christmas is watching my old folks slumbering on the sofa after dinner, just like the last 30 years, and the joy of still having them around. Or maybe the mom’s-done-washing-up-dram all by myself in the kitchen past midnight…

  24. Spending quality time with the kids and hubby,and singing at the top of our voices to yours and dads cds,Hope you have a fantastic christmas Jen xx

  25. I love waking up on Christmas Day and spending time with the family unwrapping presents. Once presents are unwrapped then the real fun begins and we start doing shots at 8am.

  26. The Thing I love soo much about xmas is seeing my nieces and nephews opening there presents and seeing their expressions on their faces when they see the prsents,and spending the whole day with my family

  27. I’m pretty sure my favorite thing about xmas is pav. It just cant be xmas without a massive pavlova. Its the one thing everyone in my family agrees on, its when the pav comes out that I feel like im in that one moment in xmas that ties us all together, usually ending with a pavlova fight.

  28. my favourite thing about christmas this year is watching my 17 month old grandsons face as he opens his presents … that excitement/joy cant be faked…..

  29. My favourite thing about christmas is being able to sit back and relax with the family after a long year of work, school, and everything else

  30. This year it will be seeing my 4 week old daughter being dressed as Santa’s Little Helper and being cuddled by her proud grandparents. Gives me a rest too!

  31. These days we (myself, my 17year old son, and my 87 year old father) always have xmas dinner at my sister’s house. My sister and her hubby have 2 kids and 3 little Yorkshire Terriers and we have 1 Yorkshire Terrier we take along there too.
    What I love is hanging about in the kitchen with a drink in my hand, watching my bro-in-law carving the meat and sharing it out onto 7 plates……..and 4 little bowls allblined up along the counter.
    Because it’s Xmas and he insists the dogs have to have a Xmas dinner too.

  32. I LOVE getting all the family together, feeding our faces full of Chrissy Food– The Trifle And Pav I could eat all day, Then getting pissed and chatting about the year passed and watching the kids run amuk with all their goodies from Santa!

  33. Spending xmas in Perth at the beach with the little ones around. While the men get merrier and the jokes get ddddiiiirrrtttiiieeerrr. he he
    Remembering the days gone by and making new memories for the years ahead. All about the F word, Family of course.
    Merry xmas Jen and Crew

  34. Due to being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 20 I didnt think my son would be able to have kids. He is now 26 and this year is my first Christmas with a Beautiful new Grandaughter ‘Isabella’ whom we have nicknamed ‘Bells’, She is Beautiful and we are all very blessed. Im so excited that I have gone totaly overboard with Christmas as its truely the season to be Jolly. My favourite thing about Christmas? Being with my Family! Merry Christmas Everyone 🙂 x

  35. I love Christmas because I get to play Kevs Christmas Album Moseley Hay Santa Claus at full blast over the tannoy at work!
    And I didn’t get the sack

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