feeling merry….GIVEAWAY!

I’m home
I’m happy
I’m in the spirit of the season
I’m without use of my arms on account of a 3 hour Christmas wrapping session yesterday
I’m not even done
I’m typing this with my tongue

I’m in the mood for some Christmas Cheer!
Only because it’s 6:30am here, and apparently too early for eggnog

I’m giving away a signed copy of my live DVD, WHO DARES GRINS, and a copy of my latest album F.O.C.U.S.


Just leave a comment here, telling me you favourite thing about Christmas, and I’ll pick a random winner on Christmas Eve.
Make that THREE random winners.
Yep, three.

Get to commenting….!!!

UPDATE: congrats to Anne Steeele, Richard Barnett & Catherin Kennedy!!
Your cds and dvds are on their way!!


  1. Christmas is domestic arguments and traffic accidents, so says a 37 year police veteran. Very little good will and lots of fights. I have Christmas on the 18th so I am ready for the shifts I have to work later in the week. So sorry to be a downer but its the truth.

  2. putting your feet up and having some time with family and friends after the usual hectic run up to Christmas doing the markets. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family Jenny.

  3. The best bit about this christmas was making personal gifts for my little mans first christmas. The best bit about every christmas is watching people enjoy the gifts I have spent time choosing.

  4. My husband and I have learnt over the past years how to make the family xmas pudding and cake from his mum. Sadly we lost his mum just before last Christmas but the way we all now look at it she is still with us each Christmas as our loved ones before her. Christmas for me is about my love ones.

  5. After hours, days and months of shopping for all your loved ones. After house spent wrapping up presents. After trying to wait up for Santa. All the kids do is rip the paper off and play with the box it came in! This Kalgoorlie Christmas will see us spending time in the pool with a hot forecast day or at the Christmas at the park to wear the kids out. Hubby will wait up so we can spend the morning with the kids then he will sleep for night shift. I have to entertain them for the rest of the day… help 😉

    1. Hi Cahterine, CONGRATS to you!! You’re one of the three random winners!! Email me your address and who you’d like your CD & DVD signed to, and we’ll get them out to you this week!!

  6. I love sitting around my friends pool after a big Christmas lunch listening to Kev’s Christmas carols having a couple of drinks with my great friends.

  7. I love sitting around with good friends after a big Christmas lunch listening to Kev’s Christmas Album having a few drinks.

  8. The best thing is watching my 2 year old grandson, rip the presents open and then throw everything everywhere and play with the paper.

    Merry Christmas Jen to you and your family xx

  9. seeing the kids open presents, the smiles on their faces and finishing cooking of christmas dinner (hubby starts but too drunk to finish) and always need those pigs in blankets x

  10. My favourite thing about Christmas… wifi Jacking unsecured Smart TVs and playing off my phone the video of Kev and Jenny singing their Christmas duet!!

  11. i love the feel of joy and happiness when the family comes around , and we sit down for the food on xmas then play music and have a sing along while drinking the xmas cheer ,( hick ,more wine anyone ) and then when the kids go bed out comes the kev and jenny songs , then the party begins ! ! ! !

  12. We’ve opened our pressies and even had lunch….then we sit around the table listening to Kevin bloody Wilson. (sorry we didn’t have your album then, so we had to listen to your Dad)

  13. It’s gotta be seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning when they see the truck load of stuff Santa’s left for them! My whole family if together on Christmas day & I love it!! Last year me, my mum & my sister were awake before the kids! lol Merry Christmas Jen & co hope you all have a fantastic time 🙂 x

  14. Sitting on my big fat bum with my pink fluffy slippers on getting waited on hand and foot by him indoors and the 3 rug rats that I spent many hours in complete bloody agony giving birth to. The way I see it is they owe me! Bring on the Xmas treats and heres to another extra 14 lbs over the next 2 weeks 🙂

  15. I love the fact i get time off maybe??? Ok no. I get loads of chocs from little old ladies on the day. And other family feed me as they see i dont have time to cook. They even wash up. But i always manage to have fun. X
    Have a fab one x

  16. Best thing about Xmas is……….hang on, I’ll get back to you!! Baa humbug!! Ahh ok. The best thing about Xmas for you is that you will have another card to open when you get back to Perth!!! 🙂

  17. My favourite part of christmas is going shopping with my little one each year to buy presents for friends and family we always choose one gift to put under the K mart wishing tree I do this each year coz I never had anything for christmas as a child and I know how it feels to have to go without and no child deserves to miss out on anything and wrapping up prezies for friends and family and cooking a big christmas dinner then watching my little girl open her gifts

  18. The best thing about Christmas is when the fat guy in the red suit scoffs all the shite we leave out for him, and then he pays us by leaving shit loads of pressies under the tree for me and my daughter… Who am I kidding? The best thing about Christmas is sharing quality time with my daughter at home, and spoiling her rotten 🙂

    Merry Christmas one and all xx

  19. Waking up on Christmas and realising that your blessed by having the most wonderful family and friends. To know they’ll always be there for you no matter what you go through, or how tough life can be.

  20. I always loved it when my children were toddlers and now i get to do it again with my granddaughter …. so i can’t wait to see her with the christmas lights, decorations, opening presents etc

  21. I am always ill over Christmas no matter how many pills I pop and this year is no different, but seeing my kids opening their presents pulls me through.

  22. ***My Favourite part about Christmas is not having to justify why I’m having a % drink at an early hour of the morning, wotching the priceless looks on the kids faces when they see their presents that have bin rapped in glad rap, and me realizing I poot the salids in tha ovan, Uncle Stevie has pre sucked all the peppermints and the dog ……..hang on !! I don’t have a dog !!!! 🙂 hehe *** You could make it the best Christmas ever this year Jenny If only I could get me a signed copy of your live DVD, WHO DARES GRINS, and a copy of your latest album F.O.C.U.S. and possibly a signed copy of a singlet !! Flamin Tequilas Jenny !!!, Id give you me last drink for a fukin present like that !!! Why should the kids have all the fun aye 🙂 Merry Christmas Jenny and Family <3

  23. I love the atmosphere from December 1st right through until evening on December 25th…

    All the presents have been opened but we still have some small cheap and silly gifts that ‘Santa’ left under the tree! NEVER opened until after tea!!

    It’s a kind of tradition I suppose and they can be anything from a packet of mints, bar of choc, joke prezzies or gadgets! Anything really. It just finishes the day off!

    Then::…. Well….then, it al feels a little flat, and we start saving up to do it all again next year!

  24. Love Christmas as it’s all about spending time with family and catching up with the ones you probably haven’t seen all year. Eating way too much and the BEST think of all is seeing our wonderful children’s faces when they open their presents in soo much excitement and joy.

  25. Running around like a loon for one day when you sit down and be fat, then put a film on cos you don’t want to talk to the relatives!

  26. Watching the faces on the people you love when they open their pressies, and spending time together. (oh and the odd bottle of Baileys or 2)

    Happy Christmas to you and your Jen xxxx


  28. Best thing about Christmas is that i get to spend it with my man and that he is doing all the cooking so i can relax before i have cancer treatment in january xx

  29. My favourite thing about Christmas is scrapping my 5 year old of the ceiling everyday of December until the fat man empties his big sack in our living room 🙂

  30. Ur Christmas song!! And laughing at people in silly jumpers and maybe wearing a silly jumper myself!!!
    Merry Xmas Jen and don’t 4get 2 come back 2 uk soon xx

  31. My wife and I own a cafe on the nsw mid north coast and we will be working until 3 and then cracking the beers. Just like any other day actually.

  32. What I love about Christmas is being home with my family. My daughter is going on 3 years old and just seeing her face Christmas morning with the presents under the tree reminds me of the joy in a child face. Love it!

  33. My favorite thing is listening to my kids stories on how they seen Santa walking around the house and leaving the presents Xmas eve lol 🙂

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