feeling merry….GIVEAWAY!

I’m home
I’m happy
I’m in the spirit of the season
I’m without use of my arms on account of a 3 hour Christmas wrapping session yesterday
I’m not even done
I’m typing this with my tongue

I’m in the mood for some Christmas Cheer!
Only because it’s 6:30am here, and apparently too early for eggnog

I’m giving away a signed copy of my live DVD, WHO DARES GRINS, and a copy of my latest album F.O.C.U.S.


Just leave a comment here, telling me you favourite thing about Christmas, and I’ll pick a random winner on Christmas Eve.
Make that THREE random winners.
Yep, three.

Get to commenting….!!!

UPDATE: congrats to Anne Steeele, Richard Barnett & Catherin Kennedy!!
Your cds and dvds are on their way!!


  1. I love the one day a year that we see the best in everyone, that I get to see the excitement and enjoyment on my kids faces that my parents seen on mine… It’s the one day of the year I can be a kid, wear a paper hat & eat as much junk food as I like .

  2. Besides Christmas Day also being my birthday, my favourite thing about Christmas is that it’s the only time of the year that my husband and I get to have all three of our children and their partners staying with us and celebrating as a family, which to me is what Christmas is all about, FAMILY 🙂

  3. It’s gotta be the pissed phone calls everyone makes watching the Boxing day test which happens to start on Xmas day. Love it!

  4. The fact I can drink from breakfast onwards and no-one gives a flying reindeer’s feck about it! Merry bloody Crimbo! xx

  5. I’m a check in agent at an airport and I love spending my day sending people off to be with their families when I can’t be with mine (I live too far away). And the dude that dresses up as Santa is the best. He gives out good lollipops not the shit ones!

  6. My most Favourite Christmas Moment is Years when you could buy a 3 gallon keg of beer. We would all eat to much and drink to much sitting under the tree at my Grandmothers Place. We would all be laughing telling dirty jokes, sinking old pub songs. I was only a child back then, but one day I will do that with my Grandkids. Merry Christmas Jenny. Have a good one. xx

    1. Hi Rich, CONGRATS to you!! You’re one of the three random winners!! Email me your address and who you’d like your CD & DVD signed to, and we’ll get them out to you this week!!

  7. My favorite thing about Christmas is…the only idiots I have to deal with for a week are family!!! & I can do it in my jammers!!

  8. Being fat and the president of a Little Athletics club makes me the perfect person to play the jolly fat bloke. Watching the kids (about 600 of them) running up behind the ute (pick up) to see Santa is great. All smiling, laughing and having a great time. Only down side is the lollies that Santa thows out for the kids, the older kids throw them back. Santa throws them under arm The kids throw them back like a base ball pitcher. Some bloody hurt!

  9. Christmas day is the best day of the year because…. We wake up and exchange the remaining gifts as a family. The kids then leave at about 11am to go to their Dads (we celebrate on the 24th) and the wife and I just chill.

    We take turns each year choosing turkey based dishes to eat on Christmas day, so far we have had Turkey pizza, fajitas, curry and stew. We chill out, drink some wine, ‘make out’ and fall asleep watching crappy movies!

  10. Spending quality time with my family away from the daily grind….. and the knowledge that my sprouty farts will bring tears to the eyes of dogs without noses.

  11. I get to eat as much food and drink as much as I like and nobody cares. I get to spend it with my family and good friends.

  12. Favourite thing about Chrissy is getting drunk and making a tool out of myself… Oh and I better say family and laughs and all that crap. 🙂

  13. The best thing for me is watching the faces of my grandchildren as they open their presents. Especially if it’s somehing they don’t expect but really want.

  14. It’s the feeling of happieness and joy. Plus the only time of the year we have the biggest family water fight with I’ve water and the hose. Lol everyone gets wet.

  15. Has to be having all my grandies together playing the many crazy games I make up,we all sit there giggling at their antics,then stick my little snot faces (affectionallyknown) to bed and then it’s time for us oldies to kick back and down a few, P.s. Cried laughing at fifty shades brilliant,also Santa hates me your such a funny Bugger ,have a great Xmas and a safe and awesome new year ,

  16. Growing up our “christmas day” song was Santa claus you cunt…….love spending time with family. Got rellies coming from Denmark this year that we haven’t seen for 9 years so thats gonna be good! (and messy)

  17. My kids are 4 and 8 and still believe in Santa. I love the magic the we can create as parents – our special needs girl is terrified of Santa being in our house (she is phobic and will have a huge panic attack over any large costumes thing) and we have to triple check the doors and windows are locked and leave Santa a note saying ‘please leave presents outside’. I still love the look on her face Christmas morning when she reads Santas note to her ‘thanks for being awesome this year, you put up with way more than most kids. Keep up the good work’.
    (Where as the note he leaves my son usually says ‘you jut scraped in on the good list, please stop having tantrums and hitting people’)
    Soo love the magic, the trust, belief and pure joy on the kids faces Christmas morning!
    Mery Christmas Jenny!

  18. The best thing I love about xmas is spending time with family and my mummy who I adore so much.
    This year her brother is over from Adelaide and as a surprise her gran kids are coming xmas day but shhhhhh.

  19. Seeing my two little boys faces when they walk in front room and open all their presents and quality family time! PRICELESS!! X z

  20. Actually getting a sleep in now my kiddies are older and I don’t have to work cause bottle shops are closed Xmas day in OZ. Now that we are back in sunny Geraldton relaxing with a beverage or 10 in the sisters pool after a traditional Xmas hot lunch as no matter how hot it is my darling mother insists on a hot Xmas lunch. Merry Xmas Jenny an enjoy your white Xmas

  21. It is the one day of the year that the whole family gather together in the place and I get to see all my nieces and nephews and get to comment on how much they have grown in the past year, and to also comment on how much weight the brothers and sisters have put on through out the year.

  22. Watching the kids open their gifts and then getting to stuff your face full of yummy food! If only I could have a few cold rums but it will be apple juice this Christmas.

  23. the best thing about christmas this year is my boy is three and a half and its the first christmas he has known its chrissy and santa is coming and he is telling me all about it like i have no clue and how santa will land on the roof and he has to be good ya know or no pressys thanks son i have used that bed time max no mum oh well santa will have to get a call no i am going to bed dont call santa loving it not sure what i will dso next week to get him in bed lol i cant wait to see his face christmas day or his sisters my step daughter she is 30 i would love to win these for her she loves you and your dad she is going to have the most awsome chrissy too with spiols all round we just lost a baby so going overboared to make everyone have half a smile at least this chrissy so glad we have our max kids make the day taht much more special

  24. I could say all the usual stereotypical balls but let’s be honest – it’s the fact that you can get right royal pissed and it’s considered perfectly acceptable! Och aye!

  25. The best part of Christmas is ….Our lives are so busy these days so its wonderful time to share with others who have no Family,spend some time with Friends and Your own Family.
    Its also remembering those who are no longer here with us …So for my Husband Nick,My Dad ,My Nan and Gramps,My Grandma,Cousin Peter You are thought of always and Missed .
    Merry Christmas to All our ANGELS and Merry Christmas to Jen and your Family

  26. I simply LOVE the look on the faces of ppl I love when they open their gifts, I love great food and spending time with my beautiful family…. We catch up more than once a year and it’s as big as Xmas but Xmas day just has a special “butterflies in my tummy” feeling

  27. Well it’s become a family tradition for a long time now. Kev’s CD
    Must be playing while we put the Christmas tree up. Not sure what the neighbours think but anyway
    HO HO F…ing HO what a crock of S… Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  28. I get to take my family home to the West – I get spoilt, I spoil the people I love, eat and drink far too much and have a nanna nap – a perfect day really
    Enjoy Christmas with your beautiful family

  29. My favourite thing about Christmas this year is knowing that F.O.C.U.S and Who Dare Grins will be on Santas Sleigh when you pick me on Christmas Eve and in my stocking in England when I waked Christmas morning because I didn’t get me f……bike lol xx Merry Christmas to you and your Jenny xx

  30. My favourite thing about Christmas is packing it all away ( no more Christmas tree , no more decorations and most of all no more empty purse ) then sit back and relax with a few drinks and not have to think about Christmas for another 364 days. LMFAO

  31. This Christmas I am loving the last minute packing up of the house before I move to Coober Pedy. There is nothing more relaxing than a house with small piles of objects and stacks of boxes in every room.

  32. gotta love that feeling when the annoying people you invited over (coz you actually thought it was a good idea at the time) finally leave……

  33. the best thing about christmas is giving to others and bringing a smile to there face .This year i lost my husband and didnt want to celebrate christmas until i came across one of his oldest friends at the funeral and he has been keeping an eye out that im doing ok but i found out this man and his friend hadnt celebrated christmas for the last 8 years since his marriage ended so to say thank you my daughter her man my grandchildren and my self packed a bbq and took some presents to his place and found out how many were going to be there and took presents for all of them and it was good to see people smile and thank us just because we cared for them

    1. Hi Anne, CONGRATS to you!! You’re one of the three random winners!! Email me your address and who you’d like your CD & DVD signed to, and we’ll get them out to you this week!!

  34. I’m gonna keep this really simple. ( it’s my motto to keep it simple stupid)

    Booze and Food.
    All while listening to “kev’s Kristmas”

    Merry Xmas to you and your Fam 🙂 xxx

  35. i love at christmas time Mr 9 year old asked Me if I could help wrap his christmas present for his dad ………… Mr 9 year old does not realise that i wrap like a Mr 2 year old …….. Mr 9 year old was happy with how we wrapped his present and as I stood back and gazed at the end result it looked liked we just wrapped a giant vibrator for his dad …… I came up with the suggestion that we re wrap his vibrator err I mean his water bottle and make it look like a giant christmas cracker……. Now it looks like a giant christmas vibrator cracker ……. Every time I see it under the tree it makes me giggle like a little girl ……

  36. Christmas is a time to share cheer and good will, also to remember the true meaning, I look forward to a roast lunch and pudding, on the day

  37. Family! I love having my family around, so I always like to do a big Christmas lunch. Too much food and too much alcohol. My favourite day of the year.

  38. Christmas is listening to your (and Kev’s) Christmas songs, drinking myself even sillier seeing how much chocolate it is possible to eat and somehow fitting in a very large Christmas dinner around this and then trying not to throw up and 2 hours later some offers you a Christmas tea, Christmas cake etc how/why!! Happy Christmas to you all.

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