out of the mouths of babes…

All the kids at Magoo’s school had to write a short essay
Telling their teacher what Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day) means to them

Magoo’s essay was chosen to be read out in front of the school for their Veterans Day assembly
She was happy hers was chosen, but NOT so happy she had to stand up in front of her entire school (with the Mayor) to read hers out. Turns out her love of performing is limited to our living room

Nerves aside, she nailed it

One reason I am thankful for veterans is because
They are Americans*
Veterans fight for what is right
Every day a veteran dies for us
And I would give anything so they know
How much I appreciate them
They are my heroes
Thanks to them I am safe


We will remember…


*She knows that their are veterans all over the world, from every country, including her Grandfather in America and her Great Poppy in Australia. 




      1. Two thoughtful and respectful children with their mother and grandfathers sense of humour makes perfect kids and never a dull moment

  1. Magoo

    I am an old old old friend of your Mums. We went to school together.

    I really liked your short essay. My Dad is a Vietnam veteran and he is really special to me but your words were simply wonderful and very important.

    Even though we are many miles away, veterans from all over the world, from many home towns and many different countries celebrate similar memories.

    Take care my friend and i hope to see you in Perth soon, wonderful essay.

    Juzzy Xxxx

  2. thats beautiful only one thing it was forces all over the world that thought and still do so we may now peace oin our lifetime

      1. please accept my appolagy jenn i missed that opps an slapped hands for me. my daughter is 13 and wearing her poppy proud to school today much like magoo jade understands the importance of today and my son cain is in army cadets love to you and all your familly x x x

  3. You must be so proud of her. It is a pity more children do not have this respect and love for their country and the history that made them great. R.I.P. to all that fought for us all over the world.

  4. That’s beautiful! Magoo certainly deserves her place next to the Mayor and in front of the school! Words of truth and obviously, wise beyond her years with a heart as BIG as TEXAS – like her Mum! WELL DONE, Magoo! How proud you must all be. Lest We Forget. xxx

  5. It’s wonderful that Magoo (being a representative of the younger generation) understands what so many youngsters don’t seem to grasp. Well done Jenny & family for bringing up wonderful, well informed kids.

    1. Thanks Jo, the schools (my girls go to different schools) do a really great job in teaching the kids about things like this, and how important it is. Let’s hope they always do 🙂

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