throwback thursday #4

Taken at the Gympie Muster in the late nineties….I think?

If you were there, help a memory-challenged sheila out

WHEN was this picture taken??

It takes me back to the days of working with a band

Ahhh….some days I really miss working with a band


Almost as much as I miss being able to fit into those white pants



  1. Gympie muster either 1999 or 2000. I was there you climed from one stage accross to the other in ya white jeans there was 80thousand people there aaah I miss those days. Cant wait 2cu in Albany in Dec xx

  2. Heading to see u in Mackay this month. Seen u at Gympie Muster 1997 perform in Crowbar, u and the band were amazing. From memory, your drummer or guitarist was hot!

  3. The bloke in the cap and the unbuttoned flanny in the front row looks like he had a few too many disco bikkies hahaha look at those eyes

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