throwback thursday #3

I’m in the final stages of setting up my new office at home
Waiting for the couch to be delivered, stocking up the bar
You know, all the important stuff
One of the fun parts of this project has been going through photos

Zillions and bazillions of photos, working out which ones I want to put up and frame around Β the room
It’s actually been kinda hard.
I love photos, and have eleventy-hundred ‘favourites’ that I had to dwindle down to the 20 or so I could fit in the space I had to work with and Christ Kodak, do you know how HARD that is?

The one that was a no brainer?
This one of me and Mum
old family pics
Mum has just got back this week from Adelaide, representing WA in the women’s veteran’s state hockey championships
Add to that, she plays, tennis, golf, softball, is the most ninja Nanna on the planet…
A-N-D is turning 65 later this month
This photo reminds that she’s also one of the most beautiful women on the planet

Well played Dad.


  1. The innocence of that face!
    Who would of thought all those years ago you would be as famous as your Dad!
    That photo is the ultimate loving Mother/Daughter picture.

  2. Wow – hadn’t realised how much you two look alike! She’s still a complete babe… a smokin’ ninja nana!!! My new office also being put into order here – why did no-one mention I can have a bar?

  3. What a beautiful picture Jen, you’re very like you mum. must be awesome to be beautiful and smutty all at the same πŸ˜€ #throwbackthursday

      1. Sing it with me (Joe Cocker style)… β™© ♬
        β™ͺ β™«β™­” you are….so SMEAUTIFUL….to me-e-e-e-e-e-e-!! β™© ♬

  4. Oh wow, I always thought you looked like your Dad until seeing this picture! What a great photo to proudly display on your desk.

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