throwback thursday #2

As my Nanna knows many of you know, I started out my career as a country singer before I turned into a professional smartarse

I released three albums under the name TJ DENNIS

I got to work and tour with the hottest of the shit hot bands, mah boys, The Wham Bam Thank You Band (and more rare than a Sasquatch sighting, for the very keen observer, you may even catch a glimpse of my not often seen brother Travis. Hint; he’s the one playing lead guitar)

We played at some freaky good venues and festivals

And I got to work with some amazeballs songwriters

This clip showcases all of that

Along with my clunky heels from the Elton John collection

So for this THROWBACK THURSDAY, I give you…

“LOOKS WHOSE BOOTS” written by My Dad
Performed with the Wham Bammers at the Gympie Muster

Sidenote: One day (soon) Macaroni and Magoo are going to SHIT go into a fancy dress frenzy, when I have my own episode of hoarders and bring out this outfit and SO many others, that I’ve kept along with those size 8 jeans that I SWEAR will fit me again FFS




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