still upright for the win

I’m still recovering from probably one of the best birthday weeks ever
Spring break with Diamond and the girls, skiing in Michigan
Despite none of us being able to ski before we got there, we got the hang of it, loved it
AND, all came home in one piece…colour me shocked
Although, it was a bit touch and go when Magoo got thrown out of the dog sled and flew head first into a tractor. We got REALLY lucky that she walked away from that one.
I’m not sure how many lives kids get, but that HAD to use up one of hers fo sho.
In unrelated news, I peed my pants on two separate occasions from laughing so hard…so you KNOW there was fun being had.
It was the perfect family getaway before I head back out on tour this weekend
Which reminds me, Sydney peeps, do you have your tickets for the tour yet? They’ve been selling crazy fast, which is better than awesome!


Also, wanted to thank you guys for being all congratulation-y and lovely, when I posted THIS ON FACEBOOK
I almost felt bad about pranking you for April Fool’s Day

SURE I did.


  1. Glad you had such a lovely birthday break with your family a nice thing before you go on tour, by the way i had a funny feeling it was an april fools lol

  2. Best April Fool’s joke ever I reckon.. and people are still saying congrats lol.. can’t wait till u are in Perth this year.. won’t be heading to Sydney until September to catch up with friends who live right near where u are touring dammit.. safe travels and glad u and the family had a good holiday in Michigan.. no more snow for me yayyy

  3. Hey TJ, Good one on the baby news …. just proves you can fool some of the people all of the time LOL Someone in my family does have a current REAL one of those pics though, a 12 week one ….. no clues except I guess I’ll be making a lot more trips to the west in the future !!! Anyway happy belated birthday, hope you had a good one xxx

  4. As I said I hate Aprils fools day. You got us good! See you at Hexam and St Johns Park. (Tickets number 1 to 6) Maybe even Bathurst! Bloody groupie I am! Have a safe flight

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