watchya watchin’?

I’ve always been a Billy Joel fan, but this video ups his cool factor by a bazillion in my eyes
Plus, you KNOW the kid playing piano has major skills to be able to play like that, while hiding his enormous fan-boner under the keyboard. I tip my hat to you young man

There’s a tonne of ‘fail’ videos out there, and there’s some on this next compilation you’ve probably seen before….but there are some new ones on here…and oh my God, I snorted A LOT watching this. Loved it.

When the kids and I are all tech-ed out, using our iPods, iPhones, laptops and iPads…Diamond just shakes his head at our obsessive need love of gadgets. He’s forever rolling his eyes at the three of us.
So maybe don’t show him this one, K?

This guy…this guy is basically me on any given week.
Except when I’m recording FUCK IT UP FRIDAYS, I don’t post the vids of me falling of chairs, dropping my guitar, tripping over, or just generally being a drunk fucking unit.
I know you guys would love it if I did.
Totally not gonna happenĀ this week

Some people have motivational posters on their walls, or inspirational people who’s words they live by.
Me, I just want to be this Nanna





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