noice newcastle, noice.

Sometimes when we arrive at a venue it can be daunting to see such a massive, empty room
It’s like, fark, there’s NO way we’ll ever fill this joint!
We shouldn’t have even worried about that here in Newcastle
‘Cause not only do they show up in droves, on a MONDAY night
They’re here to party
And that we did

Who says the weekends are just giddyup time?

‘Cause Newcastle certainly didn’t get that memo

And for that, and many other reasons like the wine and chocolate someone left for me backstage, we love ’em!

PS – ‘noice’ is Aussie-speak for ‘nice’.


  1. Loved the show in Newcastle, woke up with focus in my head every morning! Will be back next year! Ps thanks for the autograph x

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