southport signs

Even though I have the big girl camera with me on tour
Sometimes it’s just too hard, you know?
Me being the boss of the lazy moles ‘n all
Sometimes I just like to take snaps of stuff as I see it
Without having to drag the big boy out of the camera bag
Nothing special usually
Just bits and pieces I see throughout the day that I snap with my iPhone
Like this restaurant in Northampton the other day

I didn’t go in there, but I like to think they’re open 24 hours a day. Serving nothing but Snickers bars, red wine and sarcasm

And when we arrived in South port for tonight’s showΒ and I’d left my big girl camera in the car because I am a genius I saw this and was all, fuck yeah….a lolly machine backstage!
Only 35p each….bargain!

I was all busy counting out my change, but then I read this

The fuck Southport?
IΒ can’t EAT them?
What’s the point in that??

Apparently they’re ear-plugs
‘Cause the peeps in Southport can get a little on the loud side
I mean,I was HAPPY that it was a big, sing-a-long-y kinda night
But still totally sulky that I didn’t get any sweets
Until someone came along and gave me the BIGGEST box of MaltesersΒ I’ve ever seen
YepΒ no one’s getting stabbed today it’s a good day

A great crowd AND chocolate?
Fuck yeah Southport!!



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