swan-seeeeea….how I love ya, how I love ya

From the terrified young bloke sitting in the front row, (but don’t for a minute think I felt sorry for him enough to NOT make him the ‘bastard’) to the loud ladies in the middle of the theatre singing their guts out to “50 SHADES” (now with over 10,000 hits on youtube….the fuck?)
Swansea was always going to be a good time
I even got to sign a bald head!

There was a time, when we toured the UK, that I would sign so many bald heads and bellies, I’d be fucking up markers at a rapid pace
Now it very rarely happens

It’s like you boys don’t WANT to be on my WANKER WALL

Love the theatre in Swansea

Love the fans in Swansea

Now, if we could just work on what looks to be an approaching hurricane happening out my hotel window

This place would be perfect
See you next year!


  1. you and kev signed my head, your a pair of legends! looking forward to the next time so much for some more cracked ribs : )

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