It’s a bit ch-ch-chilly backstage tonight

Thanks for that Hastings

OK, it might actually be my fault. I possibly left my jacket back at the hotel.

Anyhoo, in addition to our accommodation being like the mansion in Downton Abbey
Hastings is always such a great place to catch up with old mates.

I signed for a record amount of time at intermission, and I reckon I had met at least half of the fabulous peeps before.
I love that shit.

I also love that when I sit in my office at home writing new songs – I always hope that they’ll be received well. That people will want to sing along.

Hastings, it’s nights like tonight that make it worth it.
1,100+ like minded nutters, singing along and yelling out F.O.C.U.S. to me
I’d give you all a big, sloppy thank you kiss, but someone would end up with herpes I’m not that tarty!

Who am I shitting?
Yes I am…..c’m’ere you!


  1. Hey Jenny Awesome night!!! X Thanks for all the fun – I hope u enjoy ur prezzies & also a big thank you for gettin ur dad to autograph his klassiks x I hope he enjoys he’s prezzies 2 love ya all

  2. Hey Jenny x Thanx 4 the call out – that was awesome x I hope u & ur dad like your prezzies xx and I hope his card cheers him up xx

  3. So happy the tour is going great there over the pond.. it is cold as hell here too right now.. need to go shopping for some warm clothes.. it is getting down to 0 celcius tonight.. thankfully we have central heat..

    Stay warm and don’t forget the jacket 🙂 and I am sure one of the poms will get u a crazy pair of socks lol

    1. Thanks Deb, at lest I’ll be used to the cold by the time I get back to Chicago. Although, I do love winter….it’s perfect fat girl weather!! xx

  4. Saw you for the first time in Hastings! It certainly won’t be the last. Well worth leaving Mark babysitting on his Birthday!
    Love to you and your Dad xxx

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