headed for the big racetrack in the sky…

My Pop’s getting buried today
There’s a couple of his grandkids, like me, who couldn’t be there for his funeral
We were given opportunity to write something that will be read out at the service
My only instructions were, don’t make it too long
I think the plan is to keep the service short and sweet
So they can get to the celebrating part
And when you live for 96 years, that’s a big, long life to celebrate. 
I went through a few drafts before working out what I wanted to say…

Horses were your favourite
You went to the races right up until the end
I hope heaven’s got an awesome racetrack
And that your bets always win


If you could see how sad we all are right now
All crying into our hankies
You’d say we’re bloody stupid
And this generation’s a bunch a pansies


You always exercised, lived healthy
Didn’t touch cigarettes or candy
Nanna is a chain smoking beer lover
And SHE’S the last one standing!

but decided to go with this…

Dear Poppy
My earliest memories are full of you
Hewton street Morley, Christmas Eve, your spare room beds
Travis and I wide awake, listening for Santa
Imaginary sleigh bells ringing in our heads

You, using scissors to trim to perfection
Your manicured front grass
Me, picking your Azaleas to put in my hair
You threatening to kick my arse

Your HUGE round above ground pool
All the grandkids in it together
You leading us around in cirlces
Making the strongest whirlpool ever

 We’d eat Nanna’s jam tarts straight from the oven
That always burnt my tongue
You always with the same lunch always
Tomatoes and raw onion, yum?

And captivating us kids with your war tale
Of the bullet wound in your armpit
Took us all years to realize you were teasing
And it was totally bullshit

Everyone in this room
Has come together because of you
This family that you and Nanna created
So much love, we hope you knew

That your life is so admired
The man you were, the way you lived
We can all only dream to be so successful
And to make our mark so big

I miss you already Pop
But I know that now, you’re OK
I’m so proud to be Ronald Pascoe’s granddaughter
Especially today.


  1. Just sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful Jen- made me cry- 96 bloody ‘ell!!!! Much love to you and Nanna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Your pop would have loved those very special words Jen! My thoughts and hugs are with you and your family today! RIP Ronald Pascoe xx

    1. My grandfather died 2 1/2 years ago and he would have been celebrating his 94th birthday today! So hoping he is celebrating big up there today! Xx

  3. rip buddy that was so beautiful hun sound like he was a true blue aussie bloke that alot of people admired im so sorry for your loss my condolences to you and your beautiful family hugs for all xxxxoooooo

  4. B-JB, so sorry to hear this news. Huge hugs to Betty and BD (and you and Trav) from both of us. You write good, kid. Bruce & Di. XX

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