poppy pascoe

Looking around some photos the other day when I found this one of me and Pop
It’s from the last time I was in Perth, in March
If you’re new to the blog, you can read about my awesome Pop HERE,Β HERE, HERE, HERE, andΒ HERE.Β I guess I’ve written about him a lot

Anyway, I found this pic of us, which I love
It’s been my screensaver all week
And I’ve have been meaning to post it up here too
For no other reason than, I just like looking at it

Maybe I haven’t put it up here because I knew.
I knew Pop hadn’t been doing so well
An early morning phone call from Mum confirmed what we all knew was coming

I just hope he knew how much I loved him
How much his entire family loved him

And just how very, very much we’re going to miss him

Good bye Poppy
Ronald Pascoe
December 1916 – September 2012


  1. “Be of good cheer about death and know this as a truth–that no evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death.”
    — Socrates

  2. So sorry to hear your sad news Jenny. I don’t take you for the shy and quiet type so your love for him would have been made clear many a time and besides I am sure that if your Poppy had himself a copy of this pic then he knew how much he was loved by you. Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make the loss any less, my thoughts are with you and your familly today. God Bless.

  3. Very sorry to hear of your loss πŸ™ Grandparents are something very special. I’m sure he knew how much you all loved him xx

  4. Hi sweet girl, I have been thinking of you and wondering how your pop was doing since I lost my mum 10 weeks ago, she too was almost 96. Keep remembering how wonderful he was and how lucky you were to have him in your life for so long. Sending you a huge hug and lots of love, hang in there xxxxx

  5. So sorry to hear about your Poppy sending our condolences to you and all your family. He would have definitely known how much you all loved him that much is evident in your picture. Sending virtual hugs x x

  6. Tonight I raise a glass to your Poppy and your family. From one Kalgoorlie-an to another deepest sympathies are sent across the skies.


  7. Awww… only just saw this post Jen. My heart to you, my friend. The world was richer for having him. I love the love in that photo.

  8. Deepest sympathys Jenny, & family!
    From myself & all your fans World Wide. We might not of known him personally but we did through your heart and eyes!
    Have a Keg not a bottle. He would like that!

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss. Although I never met the guy through reading your posts it felt like I knew him. I’ll be raising a glass for him.

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