imelda marcos or mother theresa?

I know what you’re thinking Diamond
Another pair of shoes?

Well I have two words for you…..BITE ME
Gift. Voucher.
There had to be some kind of pay off for risking my safety by rifling through the junk drawer to find the leg for Magoo’s slutty Monster High Doll.
Is your junk drawer like that?
Full of pens that don’t work, receipts, coins, paperclips, random sharp objects, go-gurt wrappers and slutty doll parts?
Anyhoo, this week I win. Not only did I find the requested doll leg – I also discovered a long forgotten gift voucher
So you KNOW I was going to use that shit for shoes. Like, duh.
So I found the shoes I liked, which happen to be PERFECT for the upcoming UK tour, and ordered ’em.
Shipping was FREE, but I would have totally sprung for it even if it wasn’t
I mean, like I would buy a pair of shoes, and then LEAVE them at the shop.
What am I, a monster?
Would you adopt a kid then tell it to buy it’s own bus ticket to your house?
I didn’t think so

So they show up in this whole world vision, Bob Geldoff-y box 
Which informs me that, not only am I the trendy footed new owner of some awesome comfy slipper-like shoes
But because I BOUGHT these shoes, Skechers are going to give a new pair of shoes to a kid in need

So, really I’m NOT adding to my ridonkulously overflowing shoe collection

I’m saving the fucking world.


      1. I’m NOT going to tell her you said that! Got my ticket around Christmas time and she keeps going on about seeing you!
        She brought you a present though that I have PROMISED to pass on. xx

  1. Aussie Flag ones would be cool.. they look comfy.. maybe that is what I need.. I do not want the ugly diabetic shoes and am resisting intensely.. so I got an expensive pair of sneakers lmao..

  2. Wear the shoes through immigration – could be a whole lot easier this time.

    Looking forward to seeing the biggest smile on Facebook live in Croydon. Safe journey. 🙂

  3. Now, if you organise with Ginger Spice to borrow her Union Jack dress, you’ll be all set!
    They look great, and that’s really brilliant of Skechers to be doing that.

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