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It’s been a while since I posted some great finds from other peeps on the interwebs.
But this has been a particularly awesome week of funny fodder from others. My wine glass cup runeth over.

An online bud of mine had tweeted about some ‘itchin’ in her kitchen’ due to a massive dose of antibiotics. Girls, you KNOW what I’m talking about fo-sure, right?
Anyhoo, after giving her my condolences, she replied with this awesome ‘what would Madonna do’ (if she had thrush) clip. Love!

Then there was a few funnies from Twitter that were feckin’ ace

If you’re up for reading something absolutely hilarious, this post by Brittany Gibbons will have you dying laughing, and covering your bum with both hands. If there’s a funny way to talk about anal sex, this is it.

Lastly, I saw this video this morning. It’s like a brilliant hybrid of hidden camera / pop music / cross dressing / people laughing / all shades of awesome mash up.
And it goes down as one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen



  1. Omg that guy was hilarious. How does he have more clothes than me? That fit him even?

    Laughed so hard, totally made my night.

    1. I know, I laughed so fucking hard at that video. I’m saving it now….whenever I have a bad day, it’s going to be my pick-me-up…as well as a wine or seven. So fucking good.

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