Mexico was amazing
I have been there a few times before and liked it. But I’d never been to Guadalajara before – which I love, love, LOVED.

I saw barely any tourists there, which is the best.
Not many people spoke English which is always fun. Luckily, margarita means margarita – which is all I really needed to know. The rest I handled in fluent drunken tourist sign language.
EVERYBODY, without exception, was so great to us. Everyone we encountered went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Their pride in their country and their enthusiasm to share that with us, made our trip a joy.
I know, totally lame-o use of words – JOY. But really, it’s the best way to describe our time there.
A complete joy

But you shouldn’t go there cause then it would be full of tourist would probably hate it, so you should totally go somewhere else, K?

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