poppy, they’ve got your number

Scene: 20,000+ people at an outdoor music festival...and we've lost Dad...for the fourth time in 2 hours.

Me: Have you seen Dad? 

Mum: Jesus, has he gone walkabout again? 

Me: I’ve called his phone 3 times….no answer

Magoo: to FIND Poppy, you have to think like Poppy

Is that so little grasshopper?

Macaroni: Let's go search at the icecream stand

Magoo: Yeah, that's where we'll find him! Especially if there's an ice-cream shop that sells beer.


  1. It sounds like M&M know Poppy very well.
    Next time (or if you haven’t done a policemans ball), I suggest you get some ankle tags. With some labels with his name and address.

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