Where do I start?
Well, New Orleans was easily my favourite place so far to film for RHYTHM & ROOTS . That’s if we’re scoring on a fun-o-meter.
I’ll keep it brief tough – I need to get to bed early tonight to prepare for my big mother’s day tomorrow.
All that sleeping in, breakfasting in bed – and letting everyone being nice to me ALL DAY, is no doubt going to rendered me knackered.

Right, first off…

Me, getting a lesson in survival. If surviving means not shitting my pants that much
But at least you can’t tell by the photo. I’m a master at masking my fear

Getting fashion tips from these two lovelies.
I know. These outfits are now the blueprint for Diamond & my next night out. Maybe his cousin’s wedding next month?
I think so!

Checking out the musical awesomeness of Bourbon Street, when I stopped at this band. Oh, the lyrical genius of the lead singer! My fave of the night?
“…I’m gonna get you in bed, get you under the covers…then I’m gonna melt your ass like butter”
With matching dance moves!!
How’s that for a free pass into a sheila’s knickers, ladeez? AMIRIGHT??
A lesson in crawfish eating etiquette. Hint, there is none. I discovered I can’t peel the little bastards for shit. AND, they’re NOT supposed to be crunchy. I can’t wait to eat these yummy things again….if someone else PEELS THE FUCKERS.
Style tips from this little gal. Oh wait….is that MEEEE?
As I was saying…

And dancing tips from this groovin’ couple.
Needless to say, they smoked me
Imagine how much more I’m going to suck when I’m THEIR AGE?

How’s THAT for something to look forward to?

Next stop…umm…actually I’m not sure.
I’ll let you know!



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