get your daily fruit & veg

Last night’s show in Modbury was a balltearer

Packed to the rafters, going nuts, screaming every word, to every song

Absolute maniacs

And that was just me & Dad

Gaz presented Dad a ‘special’ gift

A potato

For anyone familiar with Dad’s songs – it was in reference to “Potato Down Your Bathers”

…stick a potato down your bathers

that’ll get ’em in…

Not sure how long it took Gaz to find this ‘particular’ veggie

But dude, it sure did look the part

If I saw spud shaped like that when I did the food shopping

You can bet your arse I wouldn’t be buying cucumbers


  1. kev glad you like the spud..and jenny i will try and find you your very own sharing your dads spud not a good thing lmfao….

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